Complete Difference Between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting

There are mainly two types of operating systems used on the worldwide web Linux and Windows. Linux is the operating system that is a more popular choice, and it is widely used in between. The flexibility and robustness of Linux are one of the main reasons why web developers, database administrators, and web designers chose Linux as the operating system on their servers. It has been known to survive and provide reliable service over many years of operation.

Windows servers need to be rebooted every time for the configuration change, while in the Linux VPS Hosting, you can maintain the configuration changes without restarting of Linux operating systems. Although most people prefer to use a Linux server, also some specialized applications are running on Windows.

Based on Security

Linux is considered as an operating system that is better secured than the Windows VPS Hosting. Whether it is a server, desktop computer in all these, the Linux VPS Hosting provides you greater Security than Windows VPS Hosting. Since Linux is based on the Linux VPS Hosting, only administrators can edit and have security rights. Then virus threats, spyware, and malware are much less than with the Windows VPS Hosting. In Windows, VPS hosting the users can hide files from the administrator, but in Linux VPS Hosting administrators have unilateral control over everything.

Based on performance

The Linux VPS Hosting is a much better and faster than Windows VPS Hosting. Because VPS Hosting has fewer resources, for this reason, it is much better able to support very high loads and handle multiple processes at the same time, which is a great benefit. You do not have to reboot the Linux VPS server whenever any increased resource uses your services. The main point about the performance is that it will not further degrade over time. Linux operating system, you will get fast performance as when it was initially a temporary arrangement is certainly not the case with the Windows operating system.

Based on Stability, Reliability, and uptime

A Linux VPS Hosting is more stable than Windows VPS Hosting because Linux operating system is designed for stability. It gives you satisfaction your business will not suffer outages due to operating system instability. A Linux operating system can provide you 100% uptime while the Windows operating system is unstable and unreliable and need to reboot after every patch of light, updated drivers, or sometimes regular software updates. Knowing the fact that the Linux server can be highly configurable, VPS and Linux VPS servers are optimized, making it much more reliable than one Windows.

Pros and cons of Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting

Pros and cons of Windows VPS Hosting:


  • A Windows VPS Hosting is easier to manage if you do not have a ton of technical skills. It has a more familiar and best GUI interface for the users using it, and it is also effortless to use, and any Windows user will feel comfortable.
  • If you are developing in ASP or ASP.NET, the Windows VPS Hosting is all about integration and support for this script.
  • If you are developing with an MS SQL database, it is logical.
  • You get a lot of support from Microsoft, such as regular updates from time to time.


  • Microsoft owns the windows system, so you have to pay them for it.
  • Linux VPS server is not secure in terms of integration with an open-source programming language.
  • It has no control panel.

Pros and cons of Linux VPS Hosting:


  • Because of SSH Access, there is less burden on the server.
  • It works seamlessly with other open-source programming languages, such as PHP, for instance, as well as open-source applications.
  • It is a less price alternative. Because Linux is open source, you do not have to worry about the costs associated with the license fee or have any special software to run them.


  • A Linux VPS Hosting is managed through SSH, which is not easy or intuitive, like a Windows interface.

Linux servers are considered safer because only administrators have editing privileges and security; however, it also depends on the hosting system setup and admiration of the OS. Linux VPS Hosting is case-sensitivity, and windows VPS Hosting is not case sensitive. In Linux operating systems, file names are case responsive means that if “File Name.html” and “file name.html” both are different for the Linux operating systems. And in Windows, you do not have to face this type of issue, and Windows also accepts names in any case. Therefore, the above example Windows operating systems will refer to the same page in the case of a Windows server. The Linux operating systems, the procedure to revoke the case sensitivity, are enabling mod spelling via Apache.

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